The volunteer based team engages team members through Etsy forums, but also uses social media such as Instagram and Facebook, to encourage community interaction within the Etsy handmade seller market. 

Brand Strategy
The team's accounts were at a status quo with little activity, so we aimed for the following goals:
• Increased engagement with team members and the community
• Showcase our team members on a regular basis
• Set up a consistent brand look and feel for posts that shared knowledge and insight for sellers.

With that in mind, using the Etsy colour palette and team's logo, all tips and tricks postings would have a consistent look. This set up helped differentiate the informational posts from the member product posts. Since late 2017, the team's social media accounts have shown increased followers and communication. As of March 2020, the accounts have been inactive due to COVID and changes within the team and overall Etsy platform.
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