Butter Block is a local Calgary bakery specializing in croissants and other sweet pastries. They are known for their stuffed croissants like almond, matcha or double roasted black sesame.

As part of their one year anniversary, I was involved to help refresh their interior menu boards with the use of my food illustrations. The client loved my illustration style and wanted to represent that on the menu. We collaborated together and decided on circular patterns of my croissant illustrations behind their menus, which were written on see through vellum. We also created a custom pattern to be used on tissue paper for their take away boxes. 

The client also has a secondary wall that would work well to showcase more information about the bakery. I designed and illustrated two posters that were printed locally and hung on the wall. One poster was about who they are and where you can find their pastries in Calgary. The second poster provided details about their weekly Tuesday Test Runs.

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